Concrete mixer selection

Concrete mixers are mainly three kinds of choice that is the amount and duration requirements according to project selection, according to the type of concrete design choices, according to the concrete group Into the characteristics and consistency, choose.

1, according to the quantities and duration required to select concrete projects large and long duration, should use a medium or large stationary concrete mixer Or mixing station. Such as small quantities of concrete and the duration is short, medium and small portable mixer should be chosen.

2, according to the type of design choices concrete mixing concrete plastic or semi plastic type when, should use self-loading mixer. Such as mixing concrete High-strength, lightweight concrete when dry and hard or as advised to use compulsory mixer.

3, according to the composition and characteristics of concrete consistency, consistency of selection such as mixing concrete aggregate size is small and large, should use a larger capacitySelf-loading mixer. Such as mixing consistency when large aggregate size large concrete mixing tube should be selected from the drop faster speed mixer. A condensed Degree hour and aggregate size, should use forced mixer or in small capacity cone reverse the material mixer.

Concrete mixer using the security issue

A concrete mixer uses can be divided into: works with concrete mixer, concrete mixer civilian; A concrete mixer feeding can be divided in different ways: to enhance the concrete mixer, concrete mixer bucket climb. Concrete Mixing Model is different, but security problems during the operation is the same. Use concrete mixer process should pay attention: the concrete mixer use, do not allow sand to fall into the machine running section to avoid So jammed damage moving parts. Concrete mixer hopper lift, the next fight could someone through or staying, so as not intended to brake failure occurs Outside the accident. If you must repair or clean-up work in the concrete mixer hopper, forcibly shut down and pull the chain on the hopper with the insurance firm . Concrete mixers work, security issues must be cautious concrete mixer.